About the Author

newcutSkip Maselli resides in northern Virginia, but carries home with him everywhere he goes. Raised in the rural areas of southern New Jersey, far from the turnpike, he left for more remote parts of the earth, ending up in the most amazing places, from Korea to Europe, from Australia and the Pacific Rim to Turkey and southwest Asia, and points in between. Skip has been writing and reciting his poetry, prose, quips, and vignettes since he was 11 years old.  The genre of his writing delves into various ontological explorations of mysticism, divine and human love, spiritual awakening, and socio-cultural and interpersonal musings. Indeed, you might find Sufi undertones in his writing.  His first book, “Twenty-Five Words towards the Truth (#25wtT)” (www.twenty-five-words.com) was published in March 2016.  In May 2016, his second book, “A Sparrow Who Ate the Universe,” (www.sparrow-verse.com) was published.  Other writings by Skip may be found on his blog at www.phosphorimental.com

Skip received his bachelor’s degree from Dickinson College with a focus in geology and philosophy, a combination that at the time made perfect sense. After receiving his master’s in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Skip served in the military, which provided him yet another interesting view of the world. As an offset to his current career in business development, he remains an impassioned reader, thinker, and deep listener. He is still called “Daddy” by his highly creative and gifted daughter Camerin, fifteen, and her wisely inquisitive brother, Aidan, twelve, both of whom lost their mother in 2013.  A former competitive swimmer, you may find him doing a triathlon now and then.  His work and play reflect a life of inward and outward travels, long drives, short phrases, small disappointments, big lessons – all flavored by serendipity, loving partnerships, and God-sent children and friends.